Natal City

Natal is the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Norte, a city with around 800 thousand inhabitants. It receives annually 2 million visitors from all over the world who come to breathe "the purest air of the Americas", visit the largest cashew tree in the world and get to know the more than 20 beaches with heavenly views of dunes and a clean calm sea. Natal is among the most sought after destinations in the Northeast region of Brazil, favored by its location, but mainly for its natural beauties and infrastructure for leisure that enchants visitors.

Natal possesses in its history traces of Dutch and Portuguese colonization, but was also an icon as a military base in World War II; it harbors several beaches and large urban wooded parks, but aside from all of this, it conserves the charm of an average size city, offering comfort and safety to its visitors.

Due to all of these features, Natal was chosen by thousands of visitors from all parts of the world, not only as a tourist destination, but also as a new place to live, seeing that it is one of the capitals that have shown the highest growth in the number of residents. Natal, “the city of the sun”, is also a perfect mix between leisure, life quality and business opportunities. Good to visit, better to live, ideal to grow.

Natal has the second largest Brazilian’s urban park, the Parque das Dunas. It is an area of 1.172 hectares, 8,5 km in extension, approximately 2 km wide and dunes 120 meters high. It is very important to Natal because it contributes to improve the city’s weather, re- charges and protects the subterranean waters reservoirs and the life quality of the city’s population. Bosque dos Namorados is the area of the Parque das Dunas for public use. The park has 3 guided trails for visitation: Peroba, Ubaia doce and Perobinha. The first one is 2.800 meters long (back and forth) and it can be walked in 1 hour and a half. Ubaia Doce has 4.174 meters (back and forth) and is a good 2 and a half hour walk. The Perobinha measures 50 meters (back and forth) and is destined to children. One can observe native trees, orchids, bromelias, bird nests, some animals, besides a beautiful panoramic view from the miradors located at the end of the trails, were the sea and the Morro do Careca can be visualized.

Natal has the four biggest Brazilian’s cell phone operators (TIM, Oi, Claro and Vivo) which support both GSM voice and 3G data services.

State of Rio Grande do Norte

Rio Grande do Norte is located in Brazil’s Northeast region with Natal as its capitol city. With nearly 3 million inhabitants, the state has a strong appeal for tourists and attracts more than 2 million visitors a year. These are allured by the natural beauty of its beaches, mountains, and backlands, the richness of its natural resources such as petroleum and minerals and the hospitality of the ‘potiguar’ people, which is the name its inhabitants are known by.

Situated on the "corner" of the continent, RN has 410 km of shore line molded by dunes and cliffs making the state the number 1 destination in Northeast Brazil. The tropical climate favors the economy, being that the state is known as a great exporter of fruits and also of shrimp.

Rio Grande do Norte is made up of 167 municipalities and presents the best index of human development in the Norteast. Besides the capital, Natal, the other destinations most visited is the city of Mossoró and the beaches of Pipa, Genipapu and Maracajaú. But it is not only the sea and sun that enchant the visitors. The cuisine is a strong point, all over the state, being rich in seafood, ‘carne do sol’ , green beans and ‘macaxeira’.

Imirá Plaza Hotel

The Imirá Plaza Hotel offers a beautiful beach view and front green area for you and your family to relax and enjoy, including adult and kids swimming pools, playground, wet bar, piano bar, game room and a tennis court.

The hotel also offers a fitness center, beauty salon, spa, sauna, business center (with computers, fax, printer), and wireless connection.


You can also enjoy delicious and varied regional and international dishes at the cozy Restaurante Tainá, and its unique ocean view. The hotel offers refreshing and icy-cold beers produced next door at the Cervejaria Via Continental.